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Delivery Solution

shipping time guide-line

By Air-Flight

By DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT to North America. Europe. Australia/New Zealand. Middle East. Asia area. Normally take 3-5 days. 

By DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT To Africa, South America, Normally take 4-7 days.

By Train

By Train to Russia. Europe Area, Normally take 18-25 days. 

By Train To Asia Area, Normally take 7-12 days.


By Vessel

By Vessel to North America. Europe+ local UPS Transit. Normally take 25-30 days

By Vessel to Australia/New Zealand. Normally take 20-25 days

By Vessel to Asia area. Normally take 5-7 days. 

By Vessel To Africa, Middle East. South America, Normally take 35-40 days.


Shipping map

Our service

No matter where your company is located, we are able to found a well-pleasing shipping solution base on client request. Our teams are always in high skill arrange your order. Our employees are constantly educated so they are up to date with current market trends.

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