Over the years, many factors have led to subtle changes in the design of some jewelry paper bags made by packaging factories. The needs of many small partners have begun to spread at this point of hot stamping, but they often do not know that there are some Little knowledge, the effect of the whole batch of handbags is deviated or unable to achieve the desired effect. The simplest thing is that many small partners will choose hot blue and hot rose gold, especially rose gold in the past 3 years. , is really a very popular choice, so if you want to study the in-depth knowledge of hot stamping, how should you choose?


First of all, we have to determine whether the paper material we use to make the handbag is adaptable. Many small partners will listen to the advice of the paper bag factory and use the very popular tactile paper as the material of the handbag, which has led to some The problem, not to mention the most circulating bronzing paper in our country, even the imported bronzing paper, if it is not specially treated bronzing paper, will fall off. This is because the factors on the surface of the tactile paper are closely related, the general ordinary bronzing paper There is no way to use it on tactile paper, which means that if the material selected for the design of jewelry paper bags is tactile paper, it also means that the hot stamping paper required for the matching use of hot stamping should also be relatively upgraded.

Many experts may not be aware of the fact that the production efficiency of high-grade bronzing paper imported from Europe and the United States is much slower than that of our domestic customization. In addition to the problem of the road, the journey of more than 30 days is absolutely impossible to escape. And this kind of imported hot stamping paper is not considered if it is a very strange color, such as hot green, hot pink, hot blue, these are uncommon and uncommon, so the time it takes here is just Not a tin and a half
Therefore, if a factory that has been designing jewelry paper bags for many years hears that it will use some special paper as a material and also use a hot stamping process, it will usually prepare for a long period of time, because the hot stamping material cannot be bought too much at one time. And the effect of hot stamping needs to be compared and so on. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, it is recommended to use ordinary general-purpose paper coated paper as the main material, because the advantages of strong adaptability and sufficient stocking will greatly shorten the construction period.

Post time: May-16-2022